What is Restorative Massage?

This massage treatment is a blend of relaxation massage, modified deep tissue massage and movement.
The focus is on restoring balance to the whole person. Whether you are stressed or suffering from a chronic injury you will benefit from this massage. Pressure of the strokes depends on the individual client ranging from light to deep. Gentle movement is also used at times to help free up tight and restricted muscle tissue.   The goal is to reduce pain, quiet the mind and leave the client feeling refreshed and at ease.

Benefits of Restorative Massage

·         Stress reduction

·         Injury prevention

·         Maintaining peak performance for athletes

·         Soothes muscles and improves circulation

·         Aids in recovery from an injury

·         Reduces anxiety

·         Improves mood

·         Pain reduction

·         Improves range of movement

Prior to Your Session

Know that this session is a time for you to relax and rejuvenate. So to get the most from your massage please refrain from eating approximately one hour before your appointment. Remember to remove all jewelry (Rings are okay.) and any scented perfumes or lotions. Lastly, turn off your cell phone before entering the office.

Note: I use unscented and hypo-allergenic massage oils and lotions. Please let me know if you have any sensitivity to oils or scents.





1/2 Hour Massage....... $35
45 Minute Massage...... $55
1 Hour Massage............ $70
90 Minute Massage....... $105
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Office Hours| Contact Info:

Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.  Available between 9am and 6:30pm.

Carol Meade, LMT, GCFT
15 South Elm Street, Wallingford, CT
(203) 415-8666