Experiment #5 Using the ground effectively

Here's another ATM session that I recorded  a couple of weeks ago.  In this session I am working one on one with one of my students who has an artificial right knee.  Her artificial knee is mostly titanium but her doctors opted to leave her kneecap in its original bony state.  So you will hear me referencing this in the lesson making sure that she doesn't put weight onto the kneecap.  

After the lesson my client said that she felt very solid in her standing and could feel more of her feet contacting the ground.  

This lesson is about 30 minutes long and is done mostly on the belly.  You will need a pillow to lie on if you need the support and pads for your head.

I would love to hear what your experience was like after doing this lesson.  So please share any comments below.

Experiment #3 Tilting Pelvis

Below is a live audio recording of my weekly Awareness Through Movement Class.  Before you begin here are a few suggestions:

1.  You will need to set aside about an hour for this lesson.
2. It is best to do these lessons on a carpeted floor or an exercise mat.
3.  You may need pads for your head for support. (books, folded towel or garden pad will do)
4.  Enjoy!