Next time you feel a little "off" this is what you can do.  When you walk through the doors say, “My day is done and that is in the past.  My power is in the now and at this moment my thoughts will reflect my joy, my power my creativity.”

Say to the universe, “I am not going to say a word.  I am going to let you work your magic on me.”

Lie down. Do not fall asleep.  Allow yourself to relax on the floor or your bed and feel the energy move you.  Don’t try to identify with words or analyze what you are feeling. For one hour let yourself be fully present to the flow that is happening.

Stay quiet.  Do not talk.  Drink some water and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling.

Take a bath and let your body rest…think of the word LOVE and breathe as you speak and think the word LOVE and watch the magic unfold!